Barna Recycling Composting Facility

Here at Barna Recycling we have been working hard to develop and launch our new and largest in Connacht composting facility at Carrowbrowne, Galway. We are delighted to announce that it is now fully functional and well on its way to operating to its maximum capacity of dealing with 40,000 tonnes of organic waste annually.

What Happens at this State of the Art Facility?

It’s here that all of your garden and food waste is transformed into compost using the most modern and environmentally friendly methods.

The contents of your brown bin is taken to our composting facility where it is stored in purpose built, concrete bunkers.  Using underground temperature controlling tubes and moisture probes we can accurately monitor the airflow and temperatures within the facility to ensure the ideal climate and conditions for successful decomposition and pasteurisation. The result is a material called compost that is used as fertiliser for farmers, gardeners.