Benefits of Barna Waste

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  • Yearly, quarterly or monthly payment options
  • Excellent service guaranteed
  • All waste disposal records easily available

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  • Purpose built composting facility for organic waste
  • Operate our own materials recovery facility to maximise recycling
  • Same day collection for 2 bin types (Twin-Pack)

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  • We’ll return your bin to where we collected it
  • Guaranteed collection schedule
  • Online invoicing and account history available

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  • Electronic bin identification
  • Facility fully licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Over 20 years experience

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  • Eager to help customer service team
  • Easy to use website
  • Friendlier to the environment

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Joining Barna Recycling has never been easier. As Connacht’s leading provider of waste management services we guarantee to provide a professional, reliable and environmentally friendly service.Join today and enjoy the peace of mind that we will recycle what you throw away, lowering the cost to you our customers and also to the environment.

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Latest News

  • Notice for Change of Collections!


    In order to catch up on the collections that didn’t take place last Thursday and Friday, our trucks are doing double shifts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. We hope to have most of the backlog cleared by Wednesday night. We will let customers know by text or email on the day prior to the collection taking place where possible.

    We thank you for your co-operation while getting the backlog cleared.

    Thank you for your patience,

    The Barna Recycling team.

  • Easter Colouring Competition

    If you’re hearing…”I’m bored” being thrown around at home – here at Barna Recycling we have something to help!

    Barna Recycling wish to announce our first ever – Home Schools Easter competition!

    Download HERE:
    Category 1 – Junior, Senior Infants & 1st Class – Download here
    Category 2 – 2nd, 3rd & 4th Class – Download here
    Category 3 – 5th & 6th Class – Download here
    Category 4 – Special Category – Download here

    We wanted to give kids a fun activity to work on during their time at home – so we have decided to go ahead with our annual Easter competition but with a few small changes.  

    Feel free to email this onto any family or friends with kids!
    **You can post your entries or alternatively
    you can photograph/ scan entries to **  
    Stay safe everyone!

    Unfortunately, by the time we get around to sending out your prizes – Easter eggs will no longer be in shops – but we’ll be sure to get something sweet in the post to our winners!

    Best of luck and we hope you have fun!
    Category 1 – Junior, Senior Infants & 1st Class – Download here
    Category 2 – 2nd, 3rd & 4th Class – Download here
    Category 3 – 5th & 6th Class – Download here
    Category 4 – Special Category – Download here
  • Covid-19

    Putting Out Your Bins and Covid-19!

    Barna Recycling has taken all precautions possible to enable us to continue to provide our services. We are doing what we can to reduce the risks to all our customers and employees and are strictly following the advice of the HSE.

    We are asking all our customers to take additional steps when disposing of their waste and presenting their bins for collection:
    Present your bins for collection the night before, collections times may vary as operations change to meet the evolving situation

    • Disinfect handles of bins before and after collection
    • Wipes, cloths and gloves can be placed in their general waste bin
    • If households are self-isolating / quarantined, they will need to manage their waste outlined by the HSE. Click HERE for further details

    We have already taken a range of operational steps to protect the service we provide for you. Our essential services are continuing to operate through a blend of remote and on-site working. It is possible that we may suffer reduced capacity in answering your calls to our Contact Centre if the Covid-19 situation persists. However, in the meantime we have several online options available to you so you can get the help you need.

    Download our FREE Household App HERE Our app is designed to help you manage your waste and recycling needs.

    • Contact us through Account Support.
    • View your collection calendar and collection reminders.
    • Pay and/or top up your account and view account transactions.
    • Monitor the weight of the waste disposed.
    • View your bin collection history.

    Visit to find answers to general questions you may have.

    You can Login into “My Account” to avail of services tailored for you.

    • Contact us through Account Support.
    • Pay and top up your account
    • View your collection calendar

    Contact our customer care team by email or alternatively through Contact on

    Our Household team are here to discuss any queries you may have about your waste management plan and can also advise you on ways to minimise your costs by recycling your food waste and recycling materials as much as possible.

  • Disposing of WEEE the Right Way

    Times are changing and people both young and old are adapting to new technologies. Our homes can be full of electrical waste items. Every house has a drawer, a cupboard or space in the shed where things get left to one side when you are not sure what to do with it. By disposing of our electrical waste correctly, these items can be refurbished, resold or parts may be given a second, recovered life.

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  • Tips for Up-cycling

    This month’s blog is all about upcycling!
    All it takes to upcycle something old & unused to give it a new lease of life is a little bit of elbow grease & imagination. There is so much we can do once we put our minds to it, from upcycling old furniture, creating new storage spaces, kids play kitchens or workstations, the list is endless. There is great satisfaction to be found for many people by not sticking to old habits of shop bought or buying online and creating something yourself. Upcycling is all about turning waste into something meaningful.

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  • Household Hazardous Waste Guide

    Hazardous waste is waste that is corrosive, ignitable, toxic and reactive to the environment. Many households may not be aware of the hazardous waste they generate and the many forms it takes. Below is a handy guide of what household items are hazardous waste & how they can be disposed of in the most environmentally sound manner.

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Barna Recycling are committed to providing our customers with a reliable, consistent and value for money service.