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Latest News

  • How to Treecycle this Christmas

    How to Treecycle this Christmas

    Okay so, the festive season is coming to a close. You’ve eaten enough turkey and cake to feed a village, and made enough New Year’s resolutions to write a novel. The decorations have been taken down, but there is one last job to do… recycle the Christmas tree.

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  • Recycling at Christmas

    A beautiful living room decorated for Christmas.

    We create a lot of waste during the Christmas period and January seems to be a month of filling our bins with paper, boxes, and plenty of empty chocolate tins! There are many ways to manage our waste during the festive season and we’ve put together some useful and fun tips to help you along the way.

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  • Recycling Can Save Our Planet!

    Eco Friendly green energy concept. Solar energy town wind energy. Dirty city factories air pollution landfill. Atomic plants. Save the planet concept. Earth Day.

    Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten TD, announced earlier this month that Ireland has formally ratified the Paris Agreement on global climate change. Naughten described climate change as “the defining challenge of our time” and said “it is during our time that the obligation exists for us as a nation to take action”.

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  • Seven Super Ways to Recycle at School

    Four school children learning to recycle

    Teachers, we salute you! We are regularly contacted by primary school teachers throughout Connacht enquiring about clever and novel ways to help encourage school children to recycle. We’ve put together a few ideas to inspire primary school pupils to get involved in recycling. These ideas utilise waste items your class generates every day. Involving children in recycling from an early age teaches them lifelong skills!

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  • How to Help Reduce Illegal Dumping

    Environment change and global warming environmental concept as a scene cut in two with one half showing a dead tree shaped as a human head with pollution and the opposite with healthy green clean air and plants.

    Illegal dumping continues to be a big issue in Ireland and according to the Irish Times, Minister for the Environment Denis Naughten said that illegal dumping “remains a problem effecting too many communities in Ireland”. The three R’s, ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’ is an obvious solution to decrease the level of illegal dumping in our country.

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