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Latest News

  • Dealing with Hazardous Waste in your Home


    Hazardous Waste Material



    Some of the household products we use on a daily basis can be potentially hazardous to ourselves, our family and our pets. Items like household cleaners, batteries, light bulbs and paint all contain hazardous substances that need to be stored and disposed of in the correct manner. Read more

  • Tips to reduce paper and print costs in the office!

    Reduce paper and print costs in the office

    With the introduction of pay by weight waste collection, households throughout the country are making a concerted effort to cut down and segregate their waste properly.

    These efforts can easily be translated into the workplace which is where most of us spend most of the day. Reducing waste in the workplace can have a significant impact on the environment and on business overheads.

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  • Battery Waste Disposal Guide

    Battery safe disposal and recycling with Barna Recycling

    Welcome back to our blog series.  Our hot topic for this month is battery waste disposal in your home. People today are using more and more batteries than ever before, whether it be in your phone, TV remote or your laptop.   Read more

  • Top Tips for Using Your Recycling Bin

    Tips for using your recycling bin

    Welcome back to our blog series on helping you reduce household waste.  From the 1st of July every household in the country will pay for bin collection on a pay by weight basis so reducing the weight in your bins has a financial benefit for your household.  In today’s blog post, we address our six top tip for using your recycling bin wisely!

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