May 2022

Barna Recycling’s Easy Guide to a Spring Home Clear-out

waste management

With summer sunshine truly underway, we are all enjoying the current spell of good weather. If you are like us, you would agree that now is the perfect time to declutter your homes inside out to enjoy the summer months. However, you might often wonder what waste items from your home clear out would go into your usual waste bins and what shouldn’t.

In this article, we have outlined some tips and key information to help you understand what can and can’t go into your waste bin and how to dispose of oversized items that can’t fit in your household bins.

So, what can go into your General waste bins?

  • Nappies
  • Ashes (Must be cooled and tied in a bag to reduce the risk of fire and dirtying the bins)
  • Tin Foil
  • Aero board
  • Contaminated & Wet Paper

Check out our blog on top tips for waste awareness & disposal for more detailed information.

Items that cannot go into your General Waste Bin

  • Paint cans – You can bring them to a local Civic Amenity Site
  • Clothes can’t go in your waste bin but can be brought to a clothes bank or charity shop.
  • IT equipment and electrical goods are more commonly referred to as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)– You can find out more about disposing of WEEE items at our blog.
  • Batteries – You can bring used batteries back to shops, many supermarkets have drop off points to recycle batteries,
  • Glass – should be washed and brought to your nearest bottle bank,
  • Duvets can’t be disposed of in your waste bin, but they can be brought to your local Civic Amenity Site
  • Bulky waste items – Old furniture, couches, mattresses, tables, and large household appliances that have seen the end of its useable life can be brought to a local civic amenity site near you.

Hiring a skip

You can consider hiring a skip for larger items that can’t be disposed of in your general waste bin, which makes decluttering your homes so much easier. At Barna Recycling, we have skips of all sizes, so you can be sure we’ll have one to suit your needs and the space available to you – check out our handy skip sizing guide here.

Benefits of hiring a skip:

  • You can keep the skip as long as you require it. *Please be advised that a weekly rental charge may apply
  • You have the convenience of not having to take large, awkward items in your car to the Civic Amenity Site.
  • If you are a Barna Recycling customer, you can get a discount if you order a skip from us. All you need is to have your Barna Recycling Account number handy.

Items that can’t go in a skip are as follows:

  • Hazardous Waste: A significant rule that is often forgotten is that hazardous waste should not go in a skip. It can leak and contaminate other recyclable materials.
  • Asbestos: If you come across asbestos during a renovation project or a home clear out, this must be dealt with by a team of specialists and not put into a general skip.
  • Appliances: Other items that we find cause great confusion is around electrical items, especially large household items. Refrigerators, freezers, microwaves & cookers should not go in a skip but instead, be brought to a Civic Amenity Site.
  • Oil or Paint cans, Tyres
  • Solvents, fuels, and batteries
  • Chemicals, flammable materials
  • Household waste includes food scraps, soiled nappies, and sanitary items.
  • Liquid Concrete

For more information on skip hire, do not hesitate to contact a member of our skip hire team on 091 771619.