Don’t Bag it – Mulch it!


What is Mulching?
Mulching is a process which can be completed using a domestic lawnmower. Most modern lawn mowers have a mulching setting. The mulching setting finely cuts the grass clippings which in turn fall easily in to the soil surface as you are cutting your lawn. Soil microorganisms rapidly break down the clippings and release nutrients back into the soil.

Why Should I Mulch and Not Bin My Grass Clippings?

It’s Easier & Cheaper for You
Mulching takes less time than bagging as you don’t have to stop and start every time you need to empty the bag. Mulching also benefits your pocket. As all domestic households will move to a pay per weight waste collection system by July 2016, methods like mulching which reduce weight from your bins will save you money!

It’s Best for the Planet
Clippings disposed of in your black general waste bin are disposed of in landfill. Barna Recycling never recommend homeowners to dispose of grass clippings in the general waste bin. As grass clippings decompose in landfills, the nutrients they contain are not only wasted, but they also contribute to landfill leachate and groundwater contamination which has significant environmental consequences.

It Benefits Your Garden
Mulching reduces the evaporation of moisture from your lawn and keeps the soil temperature cooler thus increasing the health and growth of the turf. Additionally mulching can provide as much as 25% of the fertilizer needs of an average lawn.

If you have any questions on the proper disposal or treatment of your garden waste, please contact a member of our domestic customer service team on 091 771619.