Irish Households Generate 25% More Packaging over the Christmas Season

Repak estimates that Irish households will generate 25% more used packaging over the Christmas season than usual.

Over this period, we will consume:

  • 5 million boxes of chocolate
  • 12 million presents
  • 6 million rolls of wrapping paper
  • 49 million beer bottles
  • 20 million soft drinks cans

That’s a lot of recycling!  Remember to wash and dry dirty recyclables before placing them in your blue Barna Recycling bin.  Reducing recyclable items such as toy boxes, soft drink cans and plastic bottles down as small as possible will minimize the room they take up, enabling you to fit more into your recycling bin.  If you are unsure as to what items can and cannot be recycled, visit our handy “What goes in my bin” guide here.

Remember if we all play a part in recycling this Christmas we can reduce the impact of the festive season on our environment.

Happy Christmas from All at Barna Recycling.

Recycling at Christmas