Recycling the Big and Bulky Items in Your Home!


Pinterest has some fantastic ideas as to how you can repurpose old box springs and mattresses. Check them out here.   Alternatively if the mattress really must go, why not bring it one of the Barna Recycling’s recycling centres.  Check here to find for your nearest one.


Upcycling has become a very popular pastime of late, so chances are there is someone out there who would love to get their creative hands on your cup ring marked coffee table or shabby kitchen chairs.  Third level students are often a great target market for used furniture so spending €5 on a ad can never hurt!  Again there are several charities around the country who are willing to collect old but clean and functional furniture from your home and bring it to those in need.

Bike, Trikes, and Scooters

There is nothing like a good shed clear out to highlight just how many unused modes of transport one has purchased over the years.  If your bike is beyond repair, several of the parts can be recycled if you bring them along to one of our recycling centres.  For bikes in good nick, you can donate them again to charities or to bike recycling schemes like or


In the past, getting rid of your broken down washing machine or dishwasher required a lot of effort. Now however, when you purchase a new item from an electrical supply store they are obliged to take away and arrange recycling of an old appliance.


If you have a question about recycling an unusual item in your home, don’t hesitate to get in contact!