Repak Pushing Recycling Education in Schools

Repak recently created the ‘Recycle and Change for the Better’ education programme to teach students about best recycling practices in a response to the rising levels of recycling bin contamination in Ireland.

This programme is set up in the hope to change student attitudes and behaviours and encourage them to become passionate ambassadors. Repak have created 5 animation videos to teach the students about the importance of recycling. The videos include lessons from Jenny the Jam Jar, Cormac the Can, Bridget the Bottle, and Bobby the Box.

Jenny the Jam Jar

Bobby the Box

Cormac the Can

Bridget the Bottle

Save our Nation from Contamination!


The characters are accompanied with engaging and educational lesson plans, recycling quizzes, colouring sheets, fun facts and recycling projects relating to best recycling practices for glass, cardboard, plastic, aluminium and waste contamination.

The educational packs have been sent out to over 3,300 green schools, but if you have not received one you can download the pack online in either English or Irish on

This initiative is a fantastic way for schools to get their students involved in recycling and understanding the importance behind it.

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