‘Stop Food Waste’ Campaign

In a recent article by the Farmers Journal, figures show we are generating over 1 million tonnes of food waste per year. The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten said that out of the 1 million tonnes of food waste produced in Ireland each year, 40% comes from food production, 34% from the commercial sector and 26% from households.

“Through preventing food waste, and becoming more efficient in using what we have, Ireland can reduce the environmental impacts associated with food waste, improve the financial performance of businesses and householders alike, and help those who struggle to put food on the table,” Naughten said in response to a parliamentary question from Roisin Shortall.

The national programme “Stop Food Waste” aims to raise awareness to promote changes in behaviour, through a combination of education, training, and easy-to-use information. It is targeted at householders and individuals, small businesses, pubs serving food and small local supermarkets.

Head over to the Stop Food Waste website, at to learn all about food waste and keep up to date on ways we can be more efficient at home and at work.

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