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Stop Food Hate Waste - Barna Recycling

No matter how much we try to buy only what we need, or cook only what we’ll eat, portion control and sell by dates get us every time!

For this reason Barna Recycling is developing a series of Recipe ideas that can be created from the usual left over suspects in your fridge and surplus dinners. Check out our blog for inspirational ideas and get reusing today.

There are lots of apps and websites where you can get ideas and recipes for leftover food waste. One of our favourites is the ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ website,

Love Food Hate Waste have a helpful section on their website where you can enter the food type or ingredients that you have in your home, and it will recommend a recipe to help you to save money by using all of your leftover food to make something delicious. It’s worth a try!

Another fantastic site is which is funded by the Irish EPA. This site offer super practical advice on how to shop and meal plan wisely to avoid wasting food and money!

We are also a big fan of the Galway County Council website,, they have articles for Food Waste Prevention in the workplace among other Waste Management and Prevention articles to learn from.

Check out their articles here!


Simple Steps to Reducing Food Waste at Home

  • Always fill out a list of what you need before you go shopping, so you know what you already have at home, and what you need. This will save you buying food that is already sitting in your fridge.
  • Look for the longest use by date on items when you are shopping so they will last longer and be more likely be used rather than wasted.
  • Pre-plan meals that you will have throughout the week, and when you are doing your shopping choose items that can be used with several different dishes.

In the long run these tips will save you time, effort and money, along with helping the environment.

Keep an eye on our ‘Hungry Hugh’s Recipe Centre’ for recipes coming soon!