Introducing Your New Household Recycling List

There is still a lot of confusion surrounding what can and cannot be recycled in Ireland, so to assist people in making the right decisions, The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment and the Irish Waste Management Association has worked together to produce a list of materials that are acceptable nationally for recycling.

Barna Recycling is pleased to announce that it will be acting in accordance with this new recycling campaign that is being promoted and will be requesting that our customers to do so as well.

The focus of this campaign is to keep up with the recent improved international standards in recycling. As part of this campaign, a new list of materials has been drawn up to inform the public on what you can and cannot put in your recycling bin.

As well as this, the campaign wants people to make sure items are clean, dry and placed loosely in the bin. Remember, if you don’t see it on the new recycling list then it doesn’t go in your recycling bin.

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You can also watch the video below to learn all about it: