Ireland moves up to second place in EU for packaging recycling











Ireland has climbed up the rankings in terms of recycling packaging in the EU from fourth place to second, according to figures released by Eurostat.  Research indicates that 98pc of the Irish public are recycling.

In 2013, Repak collected 712,054 tonnes of packaging, of which 39pc was paper, 28pc glass, 27pc plastic and 5pc metal.Irish businesses have invested €300m through Repak to ensure that their packaging is recycled over the past 17 years and Repak has helped to grow packaging recovery from under 15pc in 1998 to nearly 79pc last year.

Repak also reveals that it recycles 3.72 kgs per household, per week, the equivalent of five cereal boxes, 10 pizza boxes, 2 wine bottles, 15 butter tubs, 40 yoghurt pots and 15 drinks cans per house per week.“Being upgraded to the No 2 in Europe is a major milestone for Ireland’s package recycling story.  This is due this success to the collective efforts of our members, recovery operators, Government, Local Authorities and consumers,” said Seamus Clancy, CEO Repak.