Ireland’s place in the world’s production & reproduction of plastic

plastic recycling ireland

Over the last 3 years Ireland has recycled enough plastic to fill the Aviva Stadium  – but this is just 35% of  the country’s total plastic waste.”

In January of this year, China introduced restrictions on what type of waste is acceptable for import, these new restrictions virtually bans the import of recyclable waste into China. This has forced European countries including Ireland to rethink what to do with plastic waste.

The recent ban if plastic into China has Ireland thinking about how we dispose of our plastic. Recycling List Ireland has come up with a very informative video, explaining to us where our plastic goes to and how it is recycled.

It is important to mention that at the minute not all plastics can be recycled. ONLY rigid plastics can be recycled, this means your yogurt pots, washing up bottles or water bottles and not your soft plastics like cling film. Your soft plastics must be placed into your general waste bin.

To view what should and should not be allowed in your Barna Recycling bins please visit this page on our website, What Goes in my Bin?

Millions of people are involved in the production and recycling of plastic.

-How does this impact on the residents of Ireland?

-How does Ireland fit in to the global production and reproduction of plastic?

– Why do we currently only recycle rigid plastic?

Recycling List Ireland comprising of Ireland’s Regional Waste Management Offices (Connacht/Ulster, Eastern/Midlands, & Southern) have answered these questions and more in the following film. The video report is available on YouTube by clicking here.