How To Be Waste Compliant In 2019

Local county councils across Ireland have recently adopted new Bye-Laws to regulate the Storage, Presentation and Collection of Household & Commercial Waste.

These bye-laws are set in place to oversee a range of issues such as to ensure people actively use an authorized waste collection service or be able to show proof of what alternatives means of disposal they do use. Encouraging people to segregate their waste into the correct bins, general, recycling and organic waste bins. Every household, apartment & commercial premises should be able to show proof of how they dispose of their waste whether it be with a waste collector or by using a local civic amenity site.

The overall aim of these bye-laws is to ensure every household in Ireland is correctly disposing of their waste. It is hoped that this then becomes a deterrent for illegal dumping and the incorrect disposal of waste items. It will also help to improve the quantity & quality of all recycling items being collected that can then be reused rather than going to waste in a landfill site or incinerator.


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According to you can comply with these bye-laws by

  • Having a contract in place with an authorised door to door waste collector
  • Have a bin sharing agreement in place to ensure that the account holder has provided you with proof of agreement
  • Demonstrate regular use of an authorised waste facility e.g. civic amenity site

If you fail to comply, there is a fixed payment notice of a maximum €75 that your local council or An Garda Siochana will issue.

The Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA) has 40 member companies that collect, recycle & treat a wide range of waste types across 60 waste management facilities that are licensed by the EPA and approximately 30 waste management facilities that are permitted by the local authorities in Ireland. Barna Recycling is an approved member of the IWMA and as part of this we are obliged to provide our customers with a professional service. As part of this obligation we recently launched our new app which you may have seen in a previous blog post or our monthly newsletter. We are also running a series of informative Display Ad’s on Google to show the processes Barna recycling have in place for the treatment and disposal of all waste as seen above in our recycling process.

As well as this recycling process we also set out Barna’s process for general waste disposal & our composting process.

Did you know that as part of our composting process we mix, turn and store compostable waste products to produce high quality compost that is then delivered to local dairy & grain farmers?

Some of our general waste is also baled and exported for use by energy plants across Europe.


Recycled aluminium cans used to make bicycles

For further information on these bye-laws you can check out your local county council website & download the latest information sheet available on waste management bye-laws.

If you are a Barna customer, you can rest assured that you are compliant with these bye-laws.


ISO 14001 Successfully Upgraded

In August 2018 Barna Recycling successfully completed a transition from our original ISO 14001 award to the newest standard ISO 14001:2015. This represents a major achievement for the company as the entire management system had to be reviewed and updated. The award also demonstrates a huge commitment for the future in relation to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and ensuring we are committed to the prevention of pollution and conservation of natural resources which are attributed to our facility as well as complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

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Ireland’s place in the world’s production & reproduction of plastic

plastic recycling ireland

Over the last 3 years Ireland has recycled enough plastic to fill the Aviva Stadium  – but this is just 35% of  the country’s total plastic waste.”

In January of this year, China introduced restrictions on what type of waste is acceptable for import, these new restrictions virtually bans the import of recyclable waste into China. This has forced European countries including Ireland to rethink what to do with plastic waste.

The recent ban of plastic into China has Ireland thinking about how we dispose of our plastic. Recycling List Ireland has come up with a very informative video, explaining to us where our plastic goes to and how it is recycled.

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Download our Free Customer Household App

Barna Recycling are delighted to announce that we now have a free Household Customer app available for our Barna Recycling Household Customers. The app is currently available for Android phones only but will be available for iPhone users in the next few weeks.

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Repak Pushing Recycling Education in Schools

Repak recently created the ‘Recycle and Change for the Better’ education programme to teach students about best recycling practices in a response to the rising levels of recycling bin contamination in Ireland.

This programme is set up in the hope to change student attitudes and behaviours and encourage them to become passionate ambassadors. Repak have created 5 animation videos to teach the students about the importance of recycling. The videos include lessons from Jenny the Jam Jar, Cormac the Can, Bridget the Bottle, and Bobby the Box.

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The Food Waste Charter Initiative

The Irish Government has launched a new food waste initiative to halve the food waste dumped here every year by 2030. This initiative was put in place by Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten.

The initiative includes leading retailers, who will be asked to agree changes in policy and practice that have an impact on cutting down food waste. According to the ‘around 40% of wastage comes from food production, while 60% comes from the household and commercial sector.

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St. Patrick’s Day Collection

St Patricks Day Barna Recycling

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us. Barna Recycling will be collecting bins as normal this Friday the 17th March. Please make sure to put your bins out the night before as some areas may be serviced earlier than usual due to the St. Patrick’s Day parades.

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Recyclable Waste Bins Shipped Back to Ireland Due to Contamination

A recent news report from RTÉ has indicated that 160 containers of recycling bin waste was returned to Ireland from Rotterdam last month. The waste was en route to paper mills in China but was sent back due to contamination.   The waste was returned for containing a mix of paper, cardboard, plastic and other materials. The Department of Environment will be launching a public awareness campaign in the coming weeks to encourage further waste segregation.

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