Top Three Reasons to Use Your Bins Properly!

Bin Presentation Guidelines

Most households in Ireland have at least two bins; a recycling bin, a general waste bin and in some cases a food waste composting bin.  This is a dramatic change from the one metal household bin most of us grew up with!  School children as young as four are learning about recycling, composting and appropriate bin use.  By reinforcing this message at home, we can all play an important role in our country’s green future!   Using your household bin correctly has many advantages not only for you but also for our environment….here are our top three!

1. Using your bins correctly will save you money. 

Reducing the contents of your general waste bin by diverting recyclable items into the recycling bin and food waste items into the compost bin reduces weight.  For households paying by weight, this can generate significant savings!

2. One contaminated recycling bin can divert an entire load to landfill

Most householders are unaware that one household recycling bin contaminated with unsuitable waste materials can contaminate an entire truckload of otherwise clean recyclables causing it to be sent to landfill.  If everyone recycles properly, we can dramatically reduce reliance on landfill.

3. Your food waste is organic material and it is compostable

The egg shells, tea bags, vegetable peelings you throw away daily are the vital ingredients for making compost which fertilises the soil providing nutrition for growing crops.  By ensuring your compost bin only contains the correct items you are contributing greatly to the reduction in the use of chemical fertilisers.  Confused about what you can put in your compost bin?  – check out our handy guide here.