Halloween is here! Check out these spooky recycled crafts and decorations… if you dare…

Barna Recycling | Recycled Haunted House

It’s that time of year again… zombies and witches are roaming around. Frankenstein is on the loose, and little monsters will be knocking on your door looking for treats! You better decorate the house before little witches and wizards come to visit… fill your home with pumpkins, lanterns, and spider webs. Halloween is a funny and freaky time of year! But, before you get too scared, we’ve made a list of some DIY recycled crafts and decorations ideas. We have trawled the internet – or in this case creeped through it – to find the best recycled craft and decoration ideas. These crafts will make Halloween 2016 an unforgettable and eco-friendly one!

Recycled Haunted Houses

Recycle and reuse old newspapers and milk cartons by turning them into a spooky ghost town.

What you’ll need:Barna Recycling | Recycled Haunted House

  • empty milk cartons
  • newspaper
  • pens and paints of your choice
  • glue stick
  • PVA glue
  • Sweets
  • tape

Make it:

  • Thoroughly rinse and dry your milk cartons.
  • Then cover the cartons with newspaper.
  • Once the newspaper is glued on, paint windows and doors.
  • For an extra surprise, fill the cartons with chocolates and let your kids break into them on Halloween night.
  • Make a whole village, and display on your kitchen table as a great Halloween centre-piece! Hats off to apartment therapy for this clever craft idea!

Cardboard Tube Frankenstein

These Frankenstein tubes are quick and easy to make. Experiment with colours and cardboard rolls sizes – make an entire Frankenstein family that would like great on top of your TV or mantel piece! Hey free kids crafts we like your idea!

What you’ll need:

  • Empty paper rollsBarna Recycling |Cardboard-Frankenstein
  • Construction paper – black and green
  • Paint – black and green
  • Paint brush
  • Googly eyes
  • Marker – black
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Make it:

  • Cut out a strip of black construction paper, that is about the width of half your paper roll.
  • Wrap it around one half of the roll, gluing in place.
  • Add some buttons with a black pen.
  • Paint half of your paper roll with the green paint – this is the head.
  • While your monster’s head is drying cut out another strip of black construction paper. This time make it about a third of the width of his jacket – it is going to be used for his arms.
  • Cut two hands out of green construction paper.
  • Glue a hand to each end of your black strip.
  • Once the green paint has dried, glue on your googly eyes and draw on a little mouth with the black marker.
  • Wrap your arms around the back of your monster’s jacket. Glue them in place.
  • Using some black paint, or a black marker – whichever you find easier – draw on some hair along the top of the paper roll. Allow this to dry.

Crazy Craft Stick Monster

Barna Recycling | Halloween crafts |Crazy Craft Stick Monster

This little monster can be redesigned into endless creations using readily available recycled materials.

What you’ll need:

  • Six craft sticks
  • Green paint
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Pencil
  • PVA Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Permanent marker or black felt scrap

Make it:

  • Paint six craft sticks green. Let dry. Turn over sticks and line up. Stagger the two end craft sticks. Use masking tape to keep them all in place.
  • Wrap a green pipe cleaner around a pencil. Slide off. Fold in half. PVA glue to the back.
  • Glue on googly eyes.
  • Draw on a mouth with permanent marker or cut mouth from scrap of black felt.
    Free kids crafts we like your style!

Do you like these Halloween craft ideas? Do you have any recycled decoration or craft ideas for Halloween – comment below! Contact Barna Recycling at (091) 771 619, a one-stop-shop for all your household and business waste management needs.