How to Help Reduce Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping continues to be a big issue in Ireland and according to the Irish Times, Minister for the Environment Denis Naughten said that illegal dumping “remains a problem effecting too many communities in Ireland”. The three R’s, ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’ is an obvious solution to decrease the level of illegal dumping in our country.

You can report illegal dumping by contacting your local authority and if the issue continues you should contact the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As part of a campaign developed by the EPA, ‘Dump the Dumpers’, members of the public can anonymously report illegal dumping by calling a lo-call telephone number 1850 365 121.

According to the the EPA received 1,600 complaints from the public last year and the majority of these involved fly-tipping. The blight of fly-tipping in Ireland is on the increase as the economy picks up. IFA President, Joe Healy, called on the government to increase the fees for fly-tipping.

Illegal dumping is having a huge effect on our environment, and in particular our coastline. There are many ways to help save our landscape and it can all start from paying attention to our own household waste and how we dispose of it. Managing your waste into your recycling, compost and waste bin will solve the issue of your bin over-flowing.  Barna have created a few blogs over the last few months to educate people on how to recycle properly, from your big and bulky items, rules of composting, recycling in the bathroom and getting to know your recycling logos.

Barna Recycling has worked with a the local councils to clear up illegally dumped waste, from bog roads and drains in isolated areas. Up to 85% of the waste removed was recyclable and could have been disposed of correctly at a very small cost, if it was segregated properly. What a shame!

If you are unsure of what waste goes in your Barna Recycling bins, follow this link to learn more. Let’s keep Ireland’s landscape beautiful by making an effort to stop illegal dumping and educate people on the importance of recycling.

If you are unsure of how to dump items, for example, mattresses, batteries, clothes, paint cans, scrap metal, etc., Barna Recycling has a number of recycling centres, where you can dispose of all types of non-hazardous and recyclable material. Below are the list of recycling centres:

Carrowbrowne Recycling Centre > View Accepted Items 

Clifden Recycling Centre > View Accepted Items

Tuam Recycling Centre > View Accepted Items

Ballinasloe Recycling Centre > View Accepted Items

Tubbercurry Recycling Centre > View Accepted Items