Inspiration for your Spooky DIY Recyclable Costumes

Check out the Spooky Halloween costumes below to get some inspiration for your homemade DIY Halloween costume!

We want you to make your Halloween costumes from homemade recyclable materials. Think cardboard, toilet rolls, cereal boxes, coloured paper, anything you’d put in your recycling bin and GET CREATIVE!!

Email your crazy creations to halloween@barnarecycling.com.

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The Barna Recycling Novice Hurdle

The Barna Recycling Novice Hurdle 2015

As you may have noticed from our previous blog post, we at Barna Recycling are sponsoring a race at the Galway Races Bank Holiday Monday Meeting, on the 26th of October.

The sponsored race is called ‘The Barna Recycling Rated Novice Hurdle’ and is the fifth race on the card. The race will run at approximately 3.35pm.

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Barna Recycling Sponsors ‘Kids Remembrance Festival of Football’

Barna Recycling Sponsors Kids Remembrance Festival of Football

We were delighted to have been a part of the ’Kids Remembrance Festival of Football’ on Saturday the 29th of August. With over 250 children taking to the pitch it was a hive of activity for all involved. It was held in memory of  Sonny and Paddy McHugh and Ned Keogh. The family fun day offered attendees a huge choice of events and activities. A big well done to all those involved.

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Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann – Sligo

Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann - Sligo

Congratulations to everyone involved with the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, in Sligo, August 15th to 17th. The numbers this year have increased from the previous year, and the whole event was a credit to the organising committee.

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Barna Recycling Launches New Customer Portal

Barna Recycling New Customer Portal

Customer Portal User Guide

The new Barna Recycling Customer Portal can be used to access details on your personal online Barna Recycling account. You can quickly view your account information, transactions, lift history, collection calendar, avail of account support and make easy payments online.

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Top Summer Recycling Tips for Kids!

Encourage your children to recycle

With the children on holidays from school and a long weekend on the horizon, this can only mean one thing – more waste! Why not encourage your children to learn about recycling, and who knows they might enjoy it!

Follow these handy tips that will tell you all you need to know…

Recycling Tip One – Easy Access to Bins

Try to have two to three bins in your kitchen. Depending on your area you may or may not have a food compost bin. Clearly label the bins and associate each of them with a colour; black for general waste, blue or green for recycling and brown for food waste. This will make it easier for children of all ages to tell them apart. You could even get the little ones to draw pictures to place on the bin.
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Disposing of Old Household Electronic Equipment

Disposing of Electrical Equipment

Broken or no longer useful household electronic equipment can take up much needed space around the home and must be disposed of carefully to ensure minimum impact to the environment and public health. Disposing of electrical and electronic products in landfill sites means millions of tonnes of materials that could potentially be recovered and reused for new products are lost. Many electronic appliances and/or their components contain substances which are considered dangerous to the environment and human health if they are disposed of inappropriately. Whilst these dangerous substances are usually only present in small quantities, they have significant potential to cause serious environmental damage. This blog post outlines a number of possible ways in which you can ensure your old electrical items are disposed of responsibly.

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