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Latest News

  • Notice for Change of Collections!


    In order to catch up on the collections that didn’t take place last Thursday and Friday, our trucks are doing double shifts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. We hope to have most of the backlog cleared by Wednesday night. We will let customers know by text or email on the day prior to the collection taking place where possible.

    We thank you for your co-operation while getting the backlog cleared.

    Thank you for your patience,

    The Barna Recycling team.

  • How To Be Waste Compliant In 2019

    Local county councils across Ireland have recently adopted new Bye-Laws to regulate the Storage, Presentation and Collection of Household & Commercial Waste.

    These bye-laws are set in place to oversee a range of issues such as to ensure people actively use an authorized waste collection service or be able to show proof of what alternatives means of disposal they do use. Encouraging people to segregate their waste into the correct bins, general, recycling and organic waste bins. Every household, apartment & commercial premises should be able to show proof of how they dispose of their waste whether it be with a waste collector or by using a local civic amenity site.

    The overall aim of these bye-laws is to ensure every household in Ireland is correctly disposing of their waste. It is hoped that this then becomes a deterrent for illegal dumping and the incorrect disposal of waste items. It will also help to improve the quantity & quality of all recycling items being collected that can then be reused rather than going to waste in a landfill site or incinerator.


    Click here to see our recycling process at Barna Recycling

    According to you can comply with these bye-laws by

    • Having a contract in place with an authorised door to door waste collector
    • Have a bin sharing agreement in place to ensure that the account holder has provided you with proof of agreement
    • Demonstrate regular use of an authorised waste facility e.g. civic amenity site

    If you fail to comply, there is a fixed payment notice of a maximum €75 that your local council or An Garda Siochana will issue.

    The Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA) has 40 member companies that collect, recycle & treat a wide range of waste types across 60 waste management facilities that are licensed by the EPA and approximately 30 waste management facilities that are permitted by the local authorities in Ireland. Barna Recycling is an approved member of the IWMA and as part of this we are obliged to provide our customers with a professional service. As part of this obligation we recently launched our new app which you may have seen in a previous blog post or our monthly newsletter. We are also running a series of informative Display Ad’s on Google to show the processes Barna recycling have in place for the treatment and disposal of all waste as seen above in our recycling process.

    As well as this recycling process we also set out Barna’s process for general waste disposal & our composting process.

    Did you know that as part of our composting process we mix, turn and store compostable waste products to produce high quality compost that is then delivered to local dairy & grain farmers?

    Some of our general waste is also baled and exported for use by energy plants across Europe.


    Recycled aluminium cans used to make bicycles

    For further information on these bye-laws you can check out your local county council website & download the latest information sheet available on waste management bye-laws.

    If you are a Barna customer, you can rest assured that you are compliant with these bye-laws.


  • Barna’s Top Tips For Summer

    As we await the best of our Irish Summer weather, we thought you may need some pointers on where to dispose of some Summer items you may have.

    Barna’s Top Tips For Summer:


    When those brief moments of sun arrive, you’ll probably jump at the chance to break out the BBQ. Disposable BBQ’s are convenient to use, but do you know how to dispose of them correctly?

    They can be disposed of in your general waste bin provided it is fully cooled first and fits in the bin.  If the disposable BBQ doesn’t fit into the bin, the cleaned BBQ tray can be brought to a recycling centre. Please click here to view our recycling centres near you.

    If you have bought a new Gas or Charcoal BBQ and are wondering how best to dispose of the old one.  You should know that the metal frame and trays of gas and charcoal BBQ’s can be disposed at your local recycling centre too. Charcoal ashes can be placed in your general waste bin once they have cooled down and have been placed in a bag. Gas containers can be brought back to your local gas supplier to refill or swap for a new canister.


    In an effort to be more sustainable why not try to minimise the use of single use plastics when you have friends & family over. These items are things like plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, fizzy drinks, water bottles and most food packaging.

    We produce roughly 300 million tons of plastic each year and half of it is disposable! World-wide only 10-13% of plastic items are recycled.

    Think back to the last time you cleaned up after a party. How many bin bags filled with napkins, plates, cutlery and cups did you throw out? If it was a birthday party, you probably added wrapping paper (most of which can’t be recycled), party hats and balloons.

    Here are some tips on hosting a plastic free party:

    • Instead of using paper or plastic tablecloths, use fabric tablecloths
    • While balloons and banners can be viewed an essential part of decorating every party, you could switch the plastic banners for a hand painted bed sheet or pillow. You could also switch some of the balloons for jam jars with your key message ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Congratulations’ written or painted on the jars.
    • You could also use old newspapers to create decorative paper chains or party hats

    As you know, once you start prepping for summer, there is just no end to it.


    Outside in the garden, containers such as weed killer, plant food etc can be taken to a local recycling centre. However, they must be labelled and clearly identified to be accepted.  Most of these plastic containers are recyclable and once they are completely emptied and rinsed out, containers can normally go into the recycling bins. You will see the recycling logo or further information on the packaging label. If you are unsure, you can always check with your local recycling centre.  You can contact the Barna customer support team here.


    If you are clearing out a shed or garage of all the items you may have hidden away or forgotten about, see if some of these items can be reused or upcycled. If it has seen better days, then maybe you need to dispose of it by bringing it to your local recycling centre.

    Hard plastics such as a paddling pool are considered recyclable, but the same can not be said for soft plastic such as an inflatable Lilo or beach ball. The softer plastic types tend to have a mixture of materials and are not easily separated. If you have dusted off the old beach buckets and spades but they have been damaged or are not the going trend for this year. These too can be disposed of at a recycling centre.


    Do you have a bag or drawer filled with old sunscreen bottles? Before you use them or throw them out, always check the dates before disposing. Sunscreen bottles can be disposed of in your general waste bin, but ideally if the container can be rinsed out first you can then place it in your recycling bin at home.


    When going through all your summer clothes, beach wear, towels etc don’t just automatically throw it away. You can always donate or sell any unwanted summer outfits. Most charity shops will accept clothes that are still in good condition. For those items of clothing, towels, hats or footwear that are unwearable, these can be brought to your local recycling centre. Alternatively, you can bring your clothes to your nearest clothes bank.

    Visit or for lots of helpful tips and step-by-step videos to enable you to give your clothes a new lease of life by altering them or repairing them.

    If you have come up with alternative tips & tricks, be sure to let us know by using the Barna app and we may include them in our next article. The Barna Recycling household customer service team are here to help you with any query you may have about your waste disposal needs.

  • Tips for Landlord’s

    This month’s blog focuses on Landlord’s, providing advice on how to dispose of waste and household materials when clearing out a recently vacated home. Whether you had students, a family or sublet tenants staying in your home, once they move out it is likely that a deep clean of the home is necessary before new tenants can move in.

    We regularly deal with questions & queries from landlords as to what can be put in their bins and what can be brought to a recycling centre.

    Below we have compiled some tips & guidelines for landlords:

    1. Try and make contact with the tenants before their moving out date to set clear guidelines on what you expect the house to look like in order for deposits to be returned.
    2. In terms of waste and recycling, make them aware of their local amenity site should they need to dispose of additional waste that has piled up.
    3. If you have been unfortunate and the tenants have left the house in a bit of a mess, then perhaps a small skip might be the best option for you. Skips can take all material types and saves the need for you to divide waste out between general waste & recyclable waste – we do that for you!
    4. If the bins are currently in the tenant’s name, make sure they cancel it and that a change of ownership is undertaken. For help on changing ownership/addresses please see here.

    If you are clearing out the home yourself, be attentive when separating your rubbish into the correct bins. Bins containing incorrect waste should not be placed out for collection until this waste has been removed.

    • Remove the incorrect items from the bins.
    • If you bag the extra waste perhaps think about taking it to a local waste recycling centre.
    • Report the contamination to Barna Recycling before your scheduled collection, we can arrange collection of the bin. This may incur an additional charge.

    Should you have a mammoth task of clearing out a house, contact us for a quote for skip hire. When you hire a skip, you get all the mess and clutter out the door, into the skip and out of your mind quickly and effortlessly.  It’s a one step process that makes the clear out as easy as possible

    When you phone our office, our experienced staff will advise you on the size of skip that best suits your requirements. Don’t forget customers of Barna Recycling’s household bin services can avail of customer discounts when hiring a skip.

    Barna Recycling household customer service team are here to help you with any query you may have about your waste disposal needs.

    Don’t know where your local recycling centre is? Click here to check out our recycling centres.


  • Summer Has Arrived

    We have had a small glimpse of that summer sunshine in recent weeks. The perfect motivator to get cleaning our homes inside and out to freshen them up for the summer months.

    From sorting the attic to clearing out old clutter and mess in the garage/shed or even that one room that ends up being a dumping ground for all unused clothing, bed clothes, suitcases and other household items. We begin painting & decorating our homes. We tend to start striping every bed in the house to make use of the better weather and longer drying hours.

    At Barna Recycling, we want to make your life easier. So, whether you have already started or plan on starting a clear out of your home then why not hire a skip. We find it is the easiest solution for our customers!

    Do you find yourself asking what are the benefits of hiring a skip? Or wondering why don’t I just try and squeeze all my rubbish in my waste bin? Should I not just go to my local civic amenity site?

    We often get asked these questions by our customers and the answer is simple.

    Hiring a skip makes the process of throwing away rubbish quick and easy. When you are clearing out your home, this is additional rubbish on top of your usual waste meaning it won’t be long before your waste bin is overflowing.

    When you hire a skip, you get all the mess and clutter out the door, into the skip and out of your mind quickly and effortlessly.  It’s a one step process that makes the clear out as easy as possible – We can’t say that deciding what to throw out is easy though!

    When you phone our office, our experienced staff will advise you on the size of skip that best suits your requirements. Don’t forget customers of Barna Recycling’s household bin services can avail of customer discounts when hiring a skip.

    Civic amenity sites are a great facility to avail of when you have only a few bags of rubbish but if you are having a big clear out from your home, we believe it is easier for our customers to just hire a skip.


    Hiring a skip is an easy process:

    1. Choose a skip that suits your requirements.
    2. The skip will then be dropped off to your desired location.
    3. All you have to do is throw your rubbish straight in the skip and when you are ready for us to collect the skip just let us know.
    4. We will then call by your house and pick it up and you don’t need to think about it again! It’s that simple.

    When you hire a skip you also do your part for the protection of the environment, as we are responsible for the management of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.  The waste in your skip is divided up for recycling and proper treatment is carried out on the waste to ensure we work towards a cleaner and safer environment.


    • What’s the lead time on delivery of a skip?
      48 hours or less
    • How many days can you keep the skip for?
      5 days, or we can drop the skip to you in the morning and take the same day if that’s what you prefer
    • What’s the average price range of a skip?
      We have a range of sizes to suit your requirements with costs ranging from €240.00


  • Ideas to Get Kids Involved in Recycling

    Easter break is fast approaching and could be a good time to start encouraging the kids to begin recycling at home.  Schools are putting a great emphasis on recycling through the green flag initiative and are educating kids on the long-term benefits recycling will have on the planet. So why not carry this education about recycling in to the home by making it fun & by encouraging creativity.

    Recycling should not feel like a chore for you & your family. Below we have listed out some fun initiatives to encourage recycling in the home.

    Read more


Barna Recycling are committed to providing our customers with a reliable, consistent and value for money service.