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Latest News

  • Notice for Change of Collections!


    In order to catch up on the collections that didn’t take place last Thursday and Friday, our trucks are doing double shifts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. We hope to have most of the backlog cleared by Wednesday night. We will let customers know by text or email on the day prior to the collection taking place where possible.

    We thank you for your co-operation while getting the backlog cleared.

    Thank you for your patience,

    The Barna Recycling team.

  • How our app can benefit you

    Barna Customers have downloaded our app and are using it on a regular basis. Why not join them!

    The app was designed with you in mind so that you could have 24/7 access to your Barna account. The app has several features, such as:

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  • Get to Know Your Local Civic Amenity Site

    Did you know that over 60,000 homes in Connacht choose Barna Recycling to look after their waste? As Connacht’s leading provider in waste management services we guarantee our customers a professional, reliable and environmentally friendly service. Not just with your household waste but at your local civic amenity site too.

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  • How To Start Recycling In 2019

    The benefits of recycling are widely publicised but getting into the recycling habit can be difficult to start. Below we have outlined some tips and advice to help improve your recycling habits.

    Recycling costs you a small amount of time separating and washing out your recycling materials but can really make a huge impact on your pocket and the environment.  Many of the recycling materials can be re purposed into new products.

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  • Top 10 Christmas Recycling Tips

    At Barna Recycling we are feeling festive, from decorating our homes, Christmas shopping, watching Christmas movies and spending time with friends and family. Christmas is a busy time of year for all of us.

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  • ISO 14001 Successfully Upgraded

    In August 2018 Barna Recycling successfully completed a transition from our original ISO 14001 award to the newest standard ISO 14001:2015. This represents a major achievement for the company as the entire management system had to be reviewed and updated. The award also demonstrates a huge commitment for the future in relation to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and ensuring we are committed to the prevention of pollution and conservation of natural resources which are attributed to our facility as well as complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

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Barna Recycling are committed to providing our customers with a reliable, consistent and value for money service.